• Dan Gardner

William & Old

I'm pleased to announce the "William & Old" design collection as my first official collaboration.

COLLABORATION with Creative Designer, William Farrant from Devon, England.

The William & Old Collection is the result of an inevitable collaboration with Creative Designer, Will Farrant. Being friends that had worked together on various projects before; it was only a matter of time before teaming up on an original Brother & Gent design.

The aim for this collection was to respectfully re-create the timeless pattern designs that were very popular around the 1940’s, 1960’s and 1970’s – whilst also including a personal design touch from each of us.

For a number years I have collected old vintage ties, handkerchiefs and silk scarves. I have always felt that ‘they just don’t make them like this anymore!’ So with this in my mind I wanted to create something to show my admiration for those fantastic timeless patterns that seem less popular and less available in today's world of fashion.

My love of ‘old-school’ geometric design provided the initial inspiration - kicking off some ideas for the collection. Will drew inspiration from his love of architecture and minimalist design to create patterns suited to the style which we would eventually adapt into the final prints.

Once we'd decided on the patterns, we threw around some ideas on colours th