• Dan Gardner

Whisky Club - Episode 3

Welcome back WHISKY LOVERS, to Episode #3 of The Whisky Club!

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on a special new whisky from PEG. Also, we have 2 contributors sharing their thoughts on whiskies from Masthouse and Glenfiddich.

At the end of the Episode I've also included how I like to make one of my favourite whiskey cocktails.



PEG Whisky Review


Single Grain PEG Whisky - Limited Edition No. II

You might remember in Episode #1 of 'The Whisky Club' blog series, I reviewed the "Peg Whisky Limited Edition No. I" which I thought very highly of. So when Peg sent me their Limited Edition No. II (single grain) whisky to try, I was quite excited to see how it compared.

My first impression was how light it was in colour. Not what I was expecting.. but then again, in whisky you should always expect the unexpected I suppose?.. I just said that to sound more interesting in all honesty.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Peaty with soft aromas of spice and smoke.

Taste: Thick, silky smooth, with subtle smoke and lots of spice. Balanced well with creamy vanilla notes and hints of toffee and orange.

Finish: A long finish with a punch! More spice and warm lingering notes of cinnamon.

Overall Thoughts:

A peaty, powerful, bold and boisterous dram. And without this sounding like a "whisky cliché", it's perfect to be enjoyed whilst sat by the fire with a good book. Genuinely - it really would. And I'd also suggest a silk dressing gown with a cravat to complete the experience.

It tastes far more mature than just 11 years. I'm really impressed with it! So if you like the sound of it's taste and the fact it's a limited edition whisky, my advice would be to get your hands on one of these 274 bottles before they go!

Distillery: Port Dundas

Region: Lowland

Age: 11 years

Distilled: November 16th 2009

Bottled: November 18th 2020

ABV: 59.1%

Cask type: Hogshead

Total bottles released: 274



Whisky Club Contributors

Masthouse Single Malt Whisky - Reviewed by Joshua Hare


Masthouse single malt is the one and only whisky I have ever poured in single measures. There’s a reason for that. Made with specially gown Kentish grain, it is by far and away the best thing to sail out of Chatham since the HMS Victory.

Bottle no. 0795 is light and honey-like in appearance. The keen-eyed will notice a dusty residue dancing through the glass which adds depth to its character in what the Copper Rivet Distillery graciously describe as “field to glass”.

As you would expect from an unfiltered 2017 vintage, not much time has passed for the spirit to mature and inherit many deeper characteristics of the barrel. This in no way simplifies the single estate whisky’s make-up on the nose, which flourishes with apples, pears, brown sugar and toasted marshmallows. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine your 5-year old self in an old fashioned sweet shop, tiptoeing to get a better smell of the pear drops and vanilla fudge.

With the senses engulfed you cannot help but smile as you realise that Masthouse might just be the masterpiece you hoped for (assuming you pre-registered your interest of being in with a chance of getting your hands on a

first edition batch).

Warm and refined with a peppery suggestion to the palate, a dram is best taken neat. At 45% ABV she has legs to die for and makes for a satisfying complement to any gentleman’s quiet evening by the fire.

Naturally, with all 2000 first edition bottles sold out within 3 weeks of its release in November last year, it is a shame that not more people will get to taste this exceptional product of Kentish whisky distilling history. Many bottles are likely to sit on shelves in the hope that unopened examples will someday fetch a tidy margin. For any lucky owners on the fence about the fate of their precious

investment, I say, whisky is for drinking! Either that or just wait for the second release next month, your choice.



Glenfiddich Winter Storm 21 Year Old Whisky - Reviewed by Georgina Still


The Winter Storm 21 year old Glenfiddich (experimental series #03) comes in a beautiful display box, with the ceramic bottle inside even more stunning!

On the nose, it has that authentic Glenfiddich smell right away, then the luscious sweet notes just hits you! On the palate it has a subtle fruity sweetness, which isn't as sweet as it smells. It reminds me of the powder on Turkish Delight. The finish leaves a rich, oaky and dry fruit taste in your mouth. Which is what I love.

I love the experimental series! The 'Winter Storm' is my favourite, because they have used Icewine casks, which I feel is an ingenious idea! It really gives a unique flavour to the whisky. Literally reminds me of when I went to Canada and tried Icewine, a sweet desert wine made in Canada. But this whisky has just a subtle sweetness. I'd say you could drink it in the winter, or on a beach in the summer. Enjoy with a savoury snack, or without.. it's very versatile. It's my favourite experimental series Glenfiddich have done. I feel they have really put a lot of thought into this one. They recommend serving in a frozen glass or with a frozen grape, which I love. It brings the fruity flavours out more, especially if you crush the grape and then freeze it.

Overall a fun dram to enjoy! Have to applaud the creators.



Thank you for your contributions Josh and Georgina.

So to finish off Episode #3 of The Whisky Club, I thought I'd share how I personally like to make one of my favourite whisky cocktails - an 'Old Fashioned'.


decent bourbon whisky

angostura bitters

brown sugar cube

an orange

large tumbler glass

a wooden muddler

long stirring spoon

lots of ice

My Method:

put a brown sugar cube in the glass

add 10 drops of angostura bitters to the sugar cube

let it soak in for a minute

crush the sugar cube with the wooden muddler

add 2 ice cubes and 1 shot of bourbon whiskey

stir well for 1 minute

add another ice cube and another shot of whiskey

stir again for 1 minute

then add 1 more ice cube and 1 more shot of whiskey

stir for 1 more minute (it's all about the stirring baby!)

cut a segment of orange and add to the drink

peel off a long piece of orange skin

rub the inside of skin around the inside rim of the glass

squeeze the orange peel over a flame and then add peel to the drink

top up the glass with lots more ice

and enjoy!

And here's a little video demo!


Thanks for stopping by everybody!

Hope you enjoyed it!

See you next time!

- Dan