• Dan Gardner

Welcome to The Whisky Club

It's no secret that I really like whisky.

Whisky, whisky, whisky! Mmm! It's just a great thing isn't it! A brilliant invention, you've got to agree! Ah whisky.. I love you, my friend!.. Never change!

As a trendy new edition to 'Dan's Diary', I'm starting up a Whisky Club... and I want YOU to join! Are you in?? Wanna be in the club?? Of course you do! Stupid question.

Okay.. so it's not an actual "Club".. it's more of a blog series that I'll be sharing from now on, all about WHISKY!.. but let's just say it's a Club, it sounds better.. and you're definitely a part of the club.. I'm sorry, but you haven't even got a choice in the matter!

I've recently teamed up with Dram Street to help them taste & review some top whiskies! These reviews / recommendations / rough tasting notes will be shared over on the Dram Street website, as well as here on 'Dan's Diary', as part of my "Whisky Club" blog series!

You can officially "Join" the whisky club by subscribing to 'Dan's Diary' below and receive each episode straight to your inbox for some solid whisky inspiration!

I'll see you very guys soon... in Ep1 of the Whisky Club.

Thanks for stopping by.

- Dan