• Dan Gardner

Wake Up.

Wake Up.

Get up.

Get out there.

Be better.

Be more.

Have purpose.

Have strength.

Build knowledge.

Build love.

Take a hold of your mind...

These are the words I told myself at a time in my life when I was constantly losing focus, motivation and purpose... letting the negative, or dark side of my mind get the better of me. It felt like the routine of "life" was consuming me, giving no room to expand my thoughts, or to begin reaching my full potential. Anxiety, doubt, feelings of inadequacy and a lack of time to really think about anything made me fall into a state of silent mental chaos. I would feel almost robotic in day to day life, a product of negative influence and fear.

After experiencing this on and off for a number of years I decided I'd had enough and that I needed to try much harder to set a solid daily focus within my mind. One that centred around peace, positivity, discipline, strength and focus. Something to push myself forward and become a better version of myself. So, that's what I began to do.


I'm sure nobody would disagree that the busy lives we lead in this world today can be overwhelming at times. The weaknesses within our mind can easily take over, stopping us from reaching our true potential, and even taking us backwards. This system we live in is designed to knock us down, misdirect our focus, make our purpose unclear and leave us with almost no time to consider the biggest questions in life. It is successfully numbing the minds of millions all over the world.

This fact inspired me to launch a collection of products representing peace, positivity, discipline, strength and focus, whilst also promoting the importance of a healthy and proactive mind. Unfortunately none of us are immune to the influential ways and negativity that this world will attempt to drown us with every single day...

Wake Up. Get up. Get out there. Focus. Explore. Discover. Learn. Experience. Feel. Understand. Savour every moment. Appreciate creation. Appreciate life. Live for others. Take a hold of your mind. Fight negativity. Be a brother. Have purpose. Have discipline. Achieve your goals. Step outside of your comfort zone. Exert yourself. Be better. We all have that ability. All of us.

Now is what we have. Make it count.


I wanted the design to be as simple as possible. Nothing fancy, just straight to the point. So I literally wrote the words "Wake Up" on my iPad and felt it was best to leave it at that. Raw, minimal and original. This collection is all about simplistic design, high-quality products and individual meaning - a mark of purpose and change.

Each product has been carefully designed to ensure a durable, rustic, simplistic style is achieved. Suitable for everyday wear, urban or countryside, for travelling the world, exploring, embracing the adventure... for living life.

In a Nutshell:

This design represents a positive change. To mark the decision and process for us to take ownership and stay focused on the present. To 'Wake Up' from our robotic routines and strive to achieve a healthier mind. A mind that is made of peace, positivity, discipline, strength and focus.


Thanks for reading.

- Dan

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