• Dan Gardner

The Loft Studio

Here's a little photo tour of the Brother & Gent Loft Studio.

This is where the designing, printing, sewing, finishing, processing and order fulfilment'ing (that's not even a word is it?) happens.

I feel it's important to show this side of the brand to you all, so you can really see where the products you purchase come from. Hopefully it provides an insight into the process behind the designs and products that Brother & Gent produce.


The Desk Area - for admin, design work and sewing:

The Prep Table - for cutting materials, ironing products and packing up orders:

My Idea & Inspiration Board - where I pin up my ideas and the things that inspire me:

Screen Printing Table - for screen printing my designs onto garments:

Product Storage - where the garment and accessory stock is kept:

Some more shots from inside the Studio:

Photo credit: Joshua Atkins


I hope this "behind the scenes" photo tour has shown how Brother & Gent really is a homegrown brand that strives to keep creating raw, inspired and original products, as well as keeping it's customers close to what we do.

Though in time we may grow, expand and adapt to new levels - we will always stay true to what we love and represent as a brand.

Thanks for reading.

- Dan

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