• Dan Gardner

Signature Squares

This design was inspired by the beauty in creation. It was inspired by that feeling you get when you’re amongst nature, living completely within the present moment and nothing else matters. You are left only with what you see, hear, feel and smell. Those moments for me have often featured surroundings, colours and environments that have elevated my joy to inspire a mind-set of true peace and contentment. It is creation that we have to thank for such inspiration.

The colours play a very big part in the 'Signature Squares' design. It was important for me to reflect exactly what I see when I think about these aspects of nature. Painting on canvas was the best way of expressing these colours in my own inspired interpretation. The artwork was then scanned and printed directly onto the final product. A unique piece of inspired artwork to wear as a reminder of the incredible planet we live on.

My hope is that this design can represent not only the beauty in creation, but also the importance of living within the present moment, to appreciate that beauty more fully. After all, the present moment is life itself.

My initial inspiration for this design came from some of the places I have travelled to. Places such as Norway, Thailand, Italy, Indonesia, and of course my home country, England... they all gave inspiration for this design.