• Dan Gardner

Respect For Small Businesses

An Interview With Three Inspiring Small Business Owners:

It's a tough world out there for small businesses, no matter what industry you are involved in. Whether fashion, food or face painting, it's a real struggle! And I'm talking about those small businesses with no investors or special funding, but just their passion for what they do to keep them moving forward toward the goal of building an established and respected business that generates an income.

Of course for most small businesses and brands one of the best ways to build up regular & reliable customers would be to have your own shop.. But that's most definitely easier said than done! The cost of shop lease in London for example is just totally ridiculous! I mean really, really ridiculous! It's not something you can even consider as a start-up. Even the cost of a lease down your local high-street (outside of London) nowadays is pretty extortionate!.. So to open your own shop isn't really a reality to begin with.

What about advertising your business instead then? Well, advertising can be good... but the trouble with advertising in either printed or online formats is generally it doesn't provide a 100% guarantee of gaining customers, which for a small business is a problem, because every single penny counts! That's not to say I don't believe in advertising of course, but it is a huge expense for start-ups and small businesses with some risk involved!

I don't mean to sound negative here, but I think it's safe to say that finding an effective and affordable way to raise awareness for your brand or business is quite a challenge today...

That is why I really respect people who have started up their own businesses from scratch and work so hard to keep them going. Always holding on to their passion for what they do – even when it's slow and not growing as quickly as they’d like it to! Keeping that passion is the key in my opinion! If you lose interest in your business, so does your audience and any potential customers. I’m sure you’d agree that when you [as a customer] feel that genuine love and passion expressed by the individuals running a business or brand, it makes you not only happier and more confident to make a purchase, but it can even give you a sense of satisfaction that you've helped the business in a small way!