• Dan Gardner

Pick a Pocket (Square) Or Two

Do you like pocket squares?

Sorry - stupid question! Of course you do. Everybody does!

Well, there comes a time in a man's life when he looks at his pocket square collection and he says to himself "This just will not do. I need MORE!"

So when that day comes - we've got your back - you've just got to PICK A POCKET (SQUARE) OR TWOOOOO!.. and here's your chance!


1) Cacti Love (old yellow)

2) William & Old (apricot flare)

3) William & Old (forest berry)

4) Time (sacramento green)

5) Cacti Love (vintage cream)

6) Signature Squares

7) William & Old (poised plum)

8) William & Old (persian royal)

9) Muang Thai

Ta-ta-take your pick!

You can read about each of these designs here.

Compliment your outfit and complete your look with a dashing square for your most important pocket of all.

Be inspiring, be original, be Brother & Gent.

Thanks for reading!

- Dan