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Top 5 Whiskies Right Now

If you know me, you'll know that I love whisky...

Here are my top 5 whiskies right now! Let me know if you've tried them and what whiskies you can recommend in the comments below. If you aren't a whisky kind of guy, or aren't quite sure where to start, then maybe this will give you a better idea of what you might like to try...

From my number 5, to my number 1. Here they are...


#5 - Nikka

Nikka Whisky From The Barrel - distilled in Japan.

A powerful full-bodied whisky, wonderfully balanced. Notes of winter spice, caramel and vanilla, with a warming finish of fruits and a little oak spice. A strong and satisfying summer evening dram. Personally I like to add just a tea spoon of water to really open up the flavours. Highly recommend!


#4 - Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon Whiskey - distilled in Kentucky, United States.

My go-to Bourbon. Notes of caramel and a touch of spice. A sweet oak taste with hints of toffee. Would recommend as a desert whiskey. It holds a well balanced sweet, smooth and toasty finish.


#3 - Haig Club

Haig Club Single Grain Scotch Whisky - distilled in Leven, Scotland.

A beautifully balanced 'everyday' kind of whisky. Perfect for those who aren't quite 'seasoned whisky drinkers' who are looking for a gentle introduction to a quality dram, without an overpowering taste. It has soft hints of vanilla, oak, cinnamon and honey. Very approachable, very smooth and a good mouthfeel. I even like it on ice occasionally.


#2 - Lagavulin

Lagavulin Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky - distilled in Lagavulin, Isle of Islay, Scotland.

This very nearly took the #1 spot. It's just beautiful! Very smokey, rich, thick and full bodied. A mouthful of malt. Peaty and powerful with hints of sweet oak. It has a long finish of more peat smoke and creamy vanilla, a touch of spice, but surprisingly smooth. Put on your dressing gown, grab a good book, sit by the fire and pour yourself a double. The ultimate winter whisky dram!


#1 - Dalwhinnie

Dalwhinnie Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky - distilled in Dalwhinnie, Scotland.

My all-time favourite. Dalwhinnie was what converted me from a reluctant Jack Daniel's drinker at the age of 19 to a single malt lover, and I've not looked back since! It's very well balanced in regard to what I want (personally) from a whisky. A gentle touch of smoke and spice with beautiful hints of malt and vanilla. It has a long finish leaving you with a warm whisky smile. Very satisfying whenever and wherever. My numero uno.


So, they are currently my top 5 whiskies of choice. Although, I recently made a new whisky discovery!.. An impressive ENGLISH single malt whisky which I'm loving at the moment!..

The "Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky" - distilled in (you guessed it) The Cotswolds. Soft honey notes, with a rich malt and orange spice on the palate, yet a smooth, sweet and satisfying finish. I rate this whisky highly and would recommend all whisky lovers to try it if you haven't already!

What's YOUR favourite whisky right now?

Recommendations are very welcome!

Thanks for reading.

- Dan

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