• Dan Gardner

Muang Thai

The Muang Thai design was inspired by the thrill of travel, adventure and discovery. It was inspired by the feeling of being outside amongst nature and really feeling ALIVE and content in those moments. I remember feeling like this for the first time whilst in Thailand. The raw beauty of creation all around gave me a new appreciation, a new perspective, it made me feel peaceful. The animals, the jungle, the people, the beautiful colour in the sky and sea, with the sand between my toes. It inspired a passion to explore more, to get out into nature more, to feel the beauty of creation in your heart more.

Thailand provided the initial inspiration to travel and see the world, but it also reminded me that we don’t need to be on the other side of the planet to feel true peace and contentment. We can feel that every day, no matter where we are. It is the present journey – the present moments that offers all we really need. Just slow down and mindfully observe all that you see.

The 'Muang Thai' design represents a love and an appreciation for seeing this beautiful planet we live on. It represents a peaceful and content mindset, one where we strive to explore, discover and be inspired by what we find, wherever we are.

Design is in collaboration with Explore Discover Inspire.

@explorediscoverinspire // www.explorediscoverinspire.co.uk

In a Nutshell:

This design represents a love of adventure and discovery whilst taking joy and contentment from the beauty of creation.

Thanks for reading.

- Dan