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Hometown | Rochester

1991 - to date, born and raised, my hometown of Rochester.

A town full of history, character and charm, with so many little hidden gems that I probably now take for granted.

Today I thought I'd share my hometown with you all - through some photos, recommendations and a few shoutouts for other creatives that live in this little town.


Here are a few FOOD & DRINK recommendations for if you ever visit Rochester.

Breakfast at The Quills:

Lunch at Crêpe & Co:

Lunch, Dinner or Drinks at Smoke & Liquor:

Dinner at Brettingtons:

(the best steak I've ever had)

Drinks at The Coopers Arms:

And Supper at The Cheese Room:

Other places I'd recommend checking out:

Deaf Cat (decent cup of coffee)

Thai Four Two (great Thai food)

Don Vincenzo (great Italian food)

Playopolis (food and board games)

Fleur de Thé (afternoon tea)

There are plenty of quirky little shops to explore on the high-street too!


Creatives in & around Rochester

There are so many talented and creative people / businesses in and around Rochester. You don't have to look far to find genuinely inspiring individuals that have the potential to take their creative work even further than they already have!

I'd like to take this opportunity to mention a few - to show my acknowledgement and appreciation for their talents:

* Rachel Moore (iPrintedThat) - www.iprintedthat.com

* Bethany Vasey Photography - www.bethanyvaseyphotography.com

* Julia Scanlon (Art & Design) - www.julia-scanlon.com

* Joshua Atkins Photography - www.joshua-atkins.com

* Nucleus Arts (Creative & Cultural Heart of Medway) - www.nucleusarts.com

* Medway Print Festival - www.medwayprintfestival.com

* Ben Cameron (Artist) - www.doodlesbyben.com

* Studio 7 (Rachel Moore & Julia Scanlon) The Halpern Conservancy Board Building, 15 High Street, Rochester

Rachel Moore, Printmaker & creator of iPrintedThat and Julia Scanlon, Artist, Photographer and Interior Designer share their base at Studio 7, Rochester...

Rachel runs printmaking workshops and courses in London and Kent for children and adults. Workshops are held at museums, arts venues, festivals, hen parties, offices, schools, events and the list goes on. www.iprintedthat.com

Julia's art is focused on large moody landscapes and her photography is trying to bend the rules to paint with a camera. You can see her work on her website or at studio 7. www.julia-scanlon.com

Studio 7 is part of the Halpern Conservancy Board building on Rochester High Street. The building was recently bought and lovingly restored by Nucleus, a local arts charity. Originally designed by architect George Bond, the building itself is stunning and many locals would recognise it as it was previously part of the Guildhall museum. It is now a welcoming and inspiring creative hub with a cafe, gallery and art studios.

*Also - look out for the Medway Open Studios & Arts Festival that takes place in and around Rochester once a year (in July). This is an event that gives the public a chance to visit local studios showcasing all art forms including crafts, visual and performing arts, from creative groups and individuals throughout Medway - www.medwayopenstudios.org


That's all from me today! Hope I've been able to give you at least one reason to come and visit my hometown of Rochester!

Thanks for reading.

- Dan

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