• Dan Gardner

Hometown | Rochester

1991 - to date, born and raised, my hometown of Rochester.

A town full of history, character and charm, with so many little hidden gems that I probably now take for granted.

Today I thought I'd share my hometown with you all - through some photos, recommendations and a few shoutouts for other creatives that live in this little town.

Here are a few FOOD & DRINK recommendations for if you ever visit Rochester.

Breakfast at The Quills:

Lunch at Crêpe & Co:

Lunch, Dinner or Drinks at Smoke & Liquor:

Dinner at Brettingtons:

(the best steak I've ever had)

Drinks at The Coopers Arms:

And Supper at The Cheese Room:

Other places I'd recommend checking out:

Deaf Cat (decent cup of coffee)

Thai Four Two (great Thai food)

Don Vincenzo (great Italian food)