• Dan Gardner

Dan's Diary

Hi, I'm Dan.

Back in 2015 I brought the 'Brother & Gent' clothing brand to life.

I personally design the vast majority of products you see in store (unless stated otherwise) and hand-make some of them too. I involved myself in every step of creating each product, because it's very important to me that everyone is in some way able to relate to, feel a part of, or be inspired by the designs and products I produce...

Dan's Diary will be a way of communicating my thoughts, inspirations, experiences, and of course my actual work to anyone who might be interested. I don't plan to write about myself a great deal on the blog, but instead subjects we can all relate to or have an interest in, as well as the meaning and inspiration behind my designs.

I'm inspired by many different things in life... such as people I meet, places from around the world, music, art, nature and the moments in life that have a positive and lasting effect upon our minds.

It's true that we don't need a lot in life, so I believe the possessions we do own should have some meaning behind them! I hope my work can provide something with sentimental value for people...

My aim is for 'Dan's Diary' to help paint a better picture, or give a more solid background to the designs and products I create.

So, there you have it!

Welcome to Dan's Diary..


- Dan

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