• Dan Gardner

Cacti Love!

Ever since reading the ‘Desperate Dan And The Cactusman’ storybook as a child I’ve been a big cactus fan. There is just something about those beautiful spiky plants that make me smile uncontrollably. I’ve enjoyed collecting cacti for over 10 years now. No idea how many cacti & succulents I own to be honest, I like to name them instead of number them, as weird as that might sound. Yes, okay, it doesn't just sound weird, it is weird.

I just really like cactus okay!

So I suppose it was purely my love of cacti that inspired this spiky succulent design...


I wanted this to be a characterful and colourful design, a reflection of my love and excitement toward cacti. It was important to make sure this design was hand drawn to start with and not traced or created digitally. I actually studied some of my own cacti for inspiration when sketching out different shapes and sizes, which helped me to invest a little more enthusiasm for the (far from perfect) drawings I was producing. My first ever cactus that I named Gary, who was 2 inches tall when I homed him in 2009 (and is now a healthy 24 inches tall) was a great inspiration for my initial sketches. Thanks, Gary.

Photo credit: Joshua Atkins

The finished products...

In a Nutshell:

This design simply represents the love and appreciation felt for our spiky succulent friends. A cheerful reflection of the many beautiful forms these plants take on. It is in other words, Cacti Love.


I hope the design can bring joy and happiness to all you cactus loving people out there!

Spread the Cacti Love people! Spread it FAR AND WIDE!

Thanks for reading.

- Dan

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