• Dan Gardner


The concept of TIME has always fascinated me, even from a young age. In English lessons at school I would often write poetry containing my thoughts on 'time', and in almost every Art project I would symbolise 'time' through my work in one way or another. It's always been something that I think about a lot.

Past, Present & Future, from 2007:

The fact that circumstances can change in the lives of billions of individuals in different parts of the world, in the same moment of time is a thought that feels almost strange to me... We all live in that exact same moment, with different minds, different thoughts, in different locations and maybe with different times displayed on the nearest clock, but still all alive in that same moment. There is no escaping the moment that is upon us now... right NOW... ticking past us, and then gone forever.

I sometimes ponder over how minutes, hours, days, weeks and years continue to pass us by at the same consistent pace - according to how we have formatted 'time'... and how within this passing of time, the actions of man can cause, prevent, inspire and ultimately change the proceeding moments and circumstances of others.

Pondering over these things gives me a greater appreciation for the day we have, the present moment and the power of right NOW.


In this modern world we live in today, 'time' controls and consumes us all in one way or another. I'm sure all would agree that we can be easily "ruled by the clock".

How often do we say to one another "I don't know where this year has gone!" It can often feel like we battle against time within our own mind and body as it passes us by quicker than we'd like it to.

It is important for us to be mindful regarding time and live each day with purpose, making the most of right NOW.

I find it comforting though, that no human being can experience a future time before another human being. We all travel at the same speed in time and all experience 'the present moment' as ONE. It would seem that we are all in sync in that regard, together as a part of motion in time and space.


The truth is, we are all limited in our understanding of what 'time' actually is. Our minds can only programme its concept according to how we measure it or how we see it as imperfect humans. Of course there are many different theories from man on time and space, but they are at the end of the day just theories.

It is beyond us.

For me, it's not the small attempts of understanding time that give me any real satisfaction, it is instead the understanding of what 'time' will soon bring us that does, and knowing who is really in control of 'time'.

Still, the sad truth is without realising it we can let our lives be manipulated by time and be pushed along at such a fast pace, that the true enjoyment of life can be lost. We can so easily forget to savour the most precious moments in our lives because of 'time'.

When was the last time you sat down and really pondered over the things you have and the things that should be appreciated? The good people you have in your life? The beautiful creation surrounding us? The roof over your head? The food in your belly? Time can rob us of seeing what is right in front of us. It can easily pressure and distract us away from understanding the simple fact, that the present moment is life itself.


The Design.

My fascination as well as my frustration with TIME gave me the initial inspiration to create this design. I wanted to design something that would symbolise these feelings and also underline the mindful response to my own personal emotions that others may share with me.

The design includes my drawing of a pocket watch that belonged to my wife's Grandfather, Colin Parsons, who gave it to her when she was a child. It has a mechanical movement which of course means you have to wind it up for it to function.

Initial sketch:

The pocket watch has always sat on the dresser shelf in our home as a cherished possession. It has a lot of sentimental value for my wife. I have always admired it and particularly liked that it wasn’t wound up, so it did not keep time. As weird as that sounds, I just liked it more for that reason. It didn’t pressure me with the ‘ticking of time’. I could instead just hold it and think back to how the watch had been used in the past and the different times it had seen - so to speak. I liked that about it, so I’ve never bothered winding it up.

The final design - printed onto silk pocket squares:

Made in England from 100% silk twill, in the historical silk town of Macclesfield.

Hand-rolled and finished at 32cm x 32cm.

Limited Edition - Only 10 Made.


In a Nutshell:

This design represents the concept of time as we know it, my fascination and frustration towards it, and the thrill of living life within the moments it gives us... combined with too the knowledge that soon time will no longer need to be measured the same.

Thanks for reading.

- Dan

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