• Dan Gardner

1OF by DG

After many, many months of work I am very happy to introduce to you my Limited Edition Original Design Collection - "1OF by DG"

This collection will feature all of my limited edition, original design products that have been introduced to the B&G store this past year.

The "1OF by DG" collection will continue to have new products added as time goes on. Some products will be my original designs, Made in England, and other products will be sourced fabrics and made by hand, by myself, in the Studio. Whatever the case, this is a collection proudly presented by me, to help you "wear something meaningful", something unique and part of a LIMITED COLLECTION.

I've always said that we don't need a lot in life, so I believe that the possessions we do own should have some meaning behind them! Making these original products part of a LIMITED EDITION collection means that each item is UNIQUE. With this in mind, I truly hope that my work can provide something with sentimental value for people.

Each product comes with its own "Design Card" signed by me - the Designer. The card will also include the design name, product name, the inspiration behind the design, and what 'edition number' the product is - for example "No. 2 OF 5".

In an industry where it seems that nothing is unique or meaningful anymore, I hope to inject some originality back into the products you wear.

You can browse the full '1OF by DG' collection by clicking here.

Thanks for reading.

- Dan