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//  Photographer, Writer,  lover

of  whisky.  // *

Creator & Owner of Brother & Gent.

Born in 1991 - from Kent, England.

Launched -Brother & Gent- in 2015.

From his desire to explore, create and inspire came Dan's vision to build a brand with which he could use to carry and share his passions and creative works.


Drawing inspiration from nature, culture, art, and travel, Dan strives to connect with people through his work in a meaningful, relatable and positive way.

Although the products are what carry Brother & Gent as a brand, Dan's real passion is with Photography. This passion drives his creativity and provides endless inspiration for his work as an Artist.

It has always been Dan's mission to create 'things' that tell a story, give inspiration and represent something real & meaningful. Whether that be a product you wear or use, a photo you hang on your wall, or a book that you read - the goal is always the same.

As Brother & Gent grows as a "brand" each year, Dan continues to create original, authentic and inspiring works that mean something not only to him, but others too.

"We don't need a lot in life, so I believe that the possessions we do own should have some meaning behind them! I hope my work can provide something with sentimental value for people."  - Dan Gardner





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